Why You Should Upgrade Your Caravan


Owning a static caravan can give you so much freedom. As well as having a second home, you will also have the ideal base to relax and unwind. Having the best facilities makes all the difference. Upgrading your caravan can transform your life.

At McCarthy Caravans we have a number of sites situated across the North West of England, offering you plenty of places to explore.

Improved Facilities

It may seem obvious, but an upgrade to your static caravan will improve the facilities you have. From more economical showers to a brand new oven, you can have any of the features you need.

A new or second-hand lot will also allow you to invest in home comforts at a cheaper price. Central heating and double or triple glazing make us all feel at home.

An Increase in Space

Sometimes it can be easy to run out of space, especially in a static caravan. However, upgrading can enable you to pick a larger model or one with more bedrooms. An additional bedroom would be a great way of adding more storage for items, especially if you spend large periods of time in a park.

More modern caravans also offer open planned spaces. These areas are great for entertaining and make your life much easier.

Brand New Interior

Another huge benefit is that you can invest in a new interior. We all get bored of the surroundings we have, and upgrading your caravan gives you a chance to change this. A more modern caravan will have higher quality materials and more equipment.

More For Your Money

Arguably one of the best reasons for upgrading, investing in a second-hand caravan instead of upgrades can save you money. Once you’ve added up the costs of modernisation, they can become more than they are worth.

With a new place, you can reduce your stress and forget about having to replace any items.

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