Are Caravan Holidays More Popular Than Holidays Abroad?


Caravans offer a sense of freedom you don’t get with other holidays. Although holidays abroad may seem like the more lucrative option, motorhomes and caravans have both boosted in popularity. So, are caravan holidays the better option and why should you choose them?

McCarthy Caravan Parks have parks based throughout North West England, perfect for trips to the lake district. From our parks, you can enjoy the stunning surroundings in the heart of the countryside. We offer an incredible option for all caravan holidays.

The Popularity Of Caravan Holidays

Since 2016, 39% of UK adults have taken a camping or caravanning holiday, according to UKCAA. This demonstrates the popularity in caravanning, with the UK also being Europe’s number one destination for caravanners. This popularity has been increasing for several years, with more options becoming available when choosing holiday homes and static caravans.

Facilities have significantly improved too, with holiday parks now contributing to 8% of the UK tourism sector’s £64.7bn GVA. Holiday parks are now also very lucrative and it means going abroad is not the only option when looking for a stunning holiday destination. The signs show that popularity in caravans is only expected to continue growing.

Freedom & Home Comforts

For caravans on holiday parks, this gives you fantastic freedom during caravan holidays. Our holiday parks are in the countryside, meaning families can travel throughout the local area and explore the wildlife. You can do this without having to plan an expensive activity each day, unlike a holiday abroad. As most people end up glued to their phones and TV, getting away from screens only adds to its appeal.

When staying in the caravan, there is no limit on the number of accessories you can take with you. Even when on a holiday, nothing compares to having a homely feel. Therefore, there is no problem with caravans as you can take all belongings and make your caravan feel like home.

Long-Term Investment

Unlike an expensive holiday abroad, your static caravan or holiday home is a long-term investment. Each trip costs just a fraction of the price a trip to Tenerife or the Caribbean would cost, whilst offering more than enough entertainment and activities in the local area. Once you have a static caravan, you can travel as much as you like, increasing the holidays you get each year.

Especially for couples with children, it is great to give them multiple holidays every year. Travelling abroad can be very expensive and caravan holidays are often much better for children. You don’t have to spend money eating out at a fancy restaurant each night and you can bring your favourite foods to the caravan. Investing in a caravan means you have endless fun without the large cost of a holiday abroad.

Over the course of 18 years, families can save over £10,000 choosing caravan holidays over package holidays.

Stay-At-Home Brits Saving Time & Money

Not only can caravan holidays save you a lot of money in the long-term, many adults see the appeal for the simple planning and packing. 68% of parents say they would prefer a caravan to a holiday abroad. Furthermore, 4 in 10 say package holidays require too much planning and another 20% saying airport experiences are too stressful.

These stats only add to the growing argument that caravan holidays are far more popular than holidays abroad. Not only are they easier to plan for, you can have them more often and save money in the process.

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