Guide To Buying A Static Caravan


Purchasing static caravans is one of the best and cheapest ways to own a holiday home in a great location. Before buying your caravan, there are several factors you must consider to ensure the right decision is made. Read our guide to help you find the perfect static caravan.

McCarthy Caravan Parks have a range of holiday homes to buy across our 4 parks. You can always find the ideal static caravan for your needs and budget with assistance from our team.

Prioritising Location

The location of your static caravan is vital for you to find the right option. Whether you are purchasing just for yourself or want a destination for family holidays, you must always consider the location of your caravan. Whilst there are other factors to think about, your location is a priority to make sure each caravan holiday is memorable.

Before you purchase your caravan think about the activities, wildlife and attractions in the local area, as well as the park you are purchasing from. You also want to find a holiday home that is in an easy location to travel to. You may want a holiday in a great location but if it is difficult to travel it could deter you from going as frequently as possible. By choosing a great location, this will always make your trips more enjoyable and offer fantastic value for money.

Travel time may not be a big issue. However, if you are regularly travelling long distances with kids the journey could be quite strenuous! Finding a static caravan close to home could be ideal for you.

Find A Maintenance Company

Before purchasing your static caravan, you should consider how often you will be at the caravan and whether you need a maintenance company. Your caravan should remain in good condition but with a good maintenance company, this will be guaranteed.

You want to make sure the caravan is perfect for every holiday and you don’t have to deal with any unexpected problems. If there is a local maintenance company, your caravan will be kept clean and be perfect upon arrival. You don’t want to be cleaning and sorting out any issues during your holiday. Hence, finding a trusted and local maintenance company is a great option before purchasing a caravan.

How Often Can You Holiday?

Another massive factor is how often you are looking to travel throughout the year. Many holiday and caravan parks do not hold a 12-month license. This means during the year, the park will be closed, so you are not able to stay at your caravan.

McCarthy Caravan Parks have an 11-month license for our parks, ensuring you can make the most of your static caravan throughout the majority of the year. You must make sure the holiday park you choose does not regularly close. This will only lead to problems as you can not holiday when you want or as frequently as you would like.

Initial & Ongoing Costs

Before choosing your static caravan, having a good idea of your budget ensures you find a great option. Caravans offer fantastic style and are very modern compared to what they used to be. Even if you see a more luxurious holiday home, you must think about your budget and which static caravan is the best match.

Additionally, there are several ongoing costs that you need to pay after you have purchased the caravan. This could include:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Local Council Rates
  • Site Fees

For people purchasing a static caravan, your site fees should not be too expensive over the course of the year. However, make sure you know what needs to be paid before deciding to purchase your caravan or holiday home.

Visit The Area!

Finally, you should always visit the local area when you are looking to buy. This can help you decide on whether you have chosen the right location for you and your family or you want to look elsewhere.

With 4 parks available to choose from, you can always arrange a visit to McCarthy Caravan Parks and view the range of homes for sale. You can also find the ideal park for you and which location is best, exploring the local area for different points of interest. Call us today on 01524 735857 or 07784 815876 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.